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Installation of LPG safety products

The regulator and related air pipes must be connected to the same type of gas pressure type. Before use, the regulator should be installed on the safety device of the gas cylinder. It reduces the high pressure in the cylinder.

Onsite inspection / Maintenance

Accidents involving gas cylinders can be very serious and can cause serious injuries or death. The safe and correct handling of compressed gas cylinders is very important, but if not handled properly, it may cause serious harm to the individual and surroundings, resulting in very serious injury or even death. Competent and well-trained personnel can avoid accidents. The cylinder regulator should be replaced every 5 years or earlier.

Healthcare &
water purifier

More people are getting concerned about their health. Health food is a type of food that has the common characteristics of general food and can regulate the functions of the human body. It is suitable for consumption by the general population to promote positive health effects. Health food is gradually being accepted by the masses in today's society. We are also actively developing this field, developing health products and water purifiers.