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We believe that invigorating the Company culture will transform the organization and deliver sustainable, safe, reliable, and efficient performance from our staff to our partners and customers.

UGS NETWORK SERVICE (M) SDN BHD began operations in June 2003 under the “Companies Act 1965” focusing in the domestic direct sales and service market mainly in Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) industries, while also being actively involved in initiatives to promote gas safety. UGS continued to develop and launch new categories such as healthcare, water purifiers and beauty products within the Malaysian market as the company grew. For over 17 years, UGS has always sought to provide top quality and innovative products which are in line with the company’s philosophies emphasizing “Quality, Safety and Reliability” in the business of distributing high quality range of gas pressure regulators and gas hose for residential use.

The company’s goal is to concentrate in mass sales by introducing high-quality, premium image, niche products for mass distribution throughout Malaysia. Through growth and experience, UGS has managed to build a positive reputation and gained trust within the direct selling community by providing a wide range of high-quality products and services. UGS will continue to pursue growth and development through developing new prospects, establishing new direct sellers and engaging with new market segments.

At UGS, we guarantee that our products, services and technical support are of the highest standards. We are extremely committed in delivering the best products in a customer-focused manner, striving to constantly offer the best value and service to our customers. We want to help enhance their lives by creating opportunities for them to grow and improve. Our success depends heavily on the importance of long-term sustainability of our business and the value we seek to create in direct selling.

Our Management Team

The General Manager and Founder of UGS NETWORK SERVICE(M)SDN BHD, have a proven track record of the Petroleum Gas Industry's accomplishments. With over 20 years of experience, they have created a robust learning environment for the company's overall operations with strategic business planning in place. This encouraged new category growth and success for its operations while establishing a chain of Gas Safety Systems across Malaysia. The company also expanded the same values into healthcare products, water purifiers, and beauty products.

Mr. Alex Tan

General Manager and Founder of UGS NETWORK SERVICE(M)SDN BHD

Ms. Asmahani

General Manager and Founder of UGS NETWORK SERVICE(M)SDN BHD

Our Team